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A Journey to Pathology 3.0: #dPath20 Crowdsourcing Ideas and Solutions

Join us today at #dPath20, the Webinars organised by South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw Pathology Transformation Programme and our friends from the profession, academia and industry. Register at: .

The topic of our webinars is the implementation of #digitapathology. Digital pathology is one of the most radical technology drivers in the history of our profession. This technology undoubtedly provides us with once in a generation opportunity to positively transform the way we work, address the growing gap between the demand and capacity and leverage the power of other clinical, scientific and technological developments.

However, this will be the marathon, with opportunities to make right and not so good choices. As we all know, one shoe does not fit all. There is more than one right way to implement digital pathology. There is more than one way for our networks, organisations, laboratories, clinical pathways and subspecialties and more than one way for individual pathologists. We all start with our own sets of legacies and will have different resources and priorities during this transformation.

Some decisions may not be in our hands. They will be influenced by many factors within the healthcare sector and our industry. They will depend on the evolution of the pathology networks, relationships between the stakeholders and the funding required to procure equipment, software and storage.

But responsibility for the developing solutions and implementation will invariably be in the hands of #pathologists, #scientiests, #IT professionals, #bioinformaticians and our admin staff.

Developing solutions and implementing them is where the rubber meets the road. And in this is where we have a massive advantage. There is a lot of us, and we know our stuff. If we crowdsource our ideas and solutions and share our positive experiences and frustrations, we will progress much faster and it will be more fun.

The ultimate aim of #dPath20 is to start building a community of pathologists, scientists, IT professionals and administrators, as well as colleagues from academia and industry who are as passionate as we are about #pathology and who want to collaborate and share solutions.

To jump-start this process, we are bringing to you a series of webinars, presented by colleagues from the teams that have really “walked the digital pathology walk”. So do not expect top-down lectures or ‘gurus’ talking the talk - this is about open and constructive discussions between peers and about establishing trust and productive and lasting collaborations.

Our first guest speaker is Dr Bich Nguyen. Dr Nguyen has a longstanding interest in digital pathology. She leads a very enthusiastic and innovative team of pathologists at the University of Montreal Hospital Centre. Colleagues from Quebec, in collaboration with TribVn Healthcare, are doing excellent work. Their endeavour spans across several organisations and hospital sites in the Montreal area. They already have very encouraging data about opportunities for quality and productivity improvement and were not shy of accelerating use of technology to roll-out remote working during the pandemic.

Dr Nguyen presentation will last about 40 minutes so that we will have about 20 minutes for a live Q&E session. Please submit your questions either by chat or Twitter using #dPath20

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